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The Verba pictorial portrait format was born as an international operation: the revolutionary project procedure was in fact conceived to compose a Lexicon of Humanity over time, and consequently the creation of the Regression path (indispensable as the first phase of the work of Art) in the various language versions has already started.

The very first person to perform Verba Regression in English was Amanda, a London resident and a student of Psychology. With a personal story full of events that put her to the test, she wanted to complete the Regression course twice in a row within one day.

In fact, in the first session, going deeper, an important emotional knot emerged, dating back to decades earlier and buried in memory, which was brought to light and dissolved, but without it being possible to simultaneously reach a clear and sharp definition of the key colors and keywords, indispensable elements in the subsequent realization of the pictorial portrait work.

In the second session,...

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